Cy Twombly as IT Architect

I went to the Menil collection in Houston today. There’s a whole building dedicated to an artist named Cy Twombly, a modernist artist who draws like a kid. Not your kid - your kid draws things that are precious to you, but nobody else is that interested. Twombly’s art looks like little pieces of kids’ art that are combined together to make something that is far more than the sum of it’s parts.
Image of Twombly in front of one of his paintings

What struck me was the layering - the little parts were’t that impressive alone, but layered together they made something absolutely georgeous. And he does it by small little scribbles that stand alone from each other.

School of Athens - second version (1964)

His art isn’t made by building one big seamless piece - although that can make beautiful art too. His art is made by individual, isolated components that create a symphony both because of their separateness, an in spite of it.

Sound like your systems?