About Me

I've been in the tech world since 2000, first as a developer and admin and now as management. I'm pretty helpful to have around when you need to build a long-view technology team.

Things I'm doing Now

I'm currently running IT and web development for a healthcare services company that helps schools and health agencies get reimbursed for the healthcare services they provide. We're mostly open source on the client facing side, and mixed with a Windows bent on the inside. We also run a mixed public/private cloud, which is like living in the future.

Things I've done in the Past

Before my current gig, I spent a few years at a company specializing in Data Center construction and management. Building data center buildings was a nerd's dream; the stuff that goes into those buildings is just phenomenally cool. I built and ran various internal systems while there, ran the SOX compliance program, and build out 25 new offices around the US and Europe, along with the communications and IT infrastructure to support them.

Prior to that, I had a few more years at a regional accounting firm, doing internal systems and SOX auditing. We ran a full Microsoft stack there, including SharePoint and CRM, as well as some industry specific systems. Now that I've done both SOX auditing and internal compliance work - believe me, internal compliance is way better than being the auditor.

My history before that includes some time at Cisco, a couple of fun but ultimately doomed startups, and my undergrad time at Davis.